The Non-Surgical Facelift

No surgery - No needles, Non invasive and No downtime​

Skin Tightening and Lifting...


It’s here & it’s life changing...

The most talked about skin treatment

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HIFU Face & Neck

A surgical facelift is invasive, expensive and scary……But what if I told you that you could achieve amazing results with no surgery, no needles, no knives, no anesthesia and at a fraction of the cost!!!!


Well I can….. We have the next best thing to invasive facelift surgery and its called - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

HIFU is not like lasers, radio frequency, surgery or other technologies. HIFU delivers ultrasound technology at a “Focused” level and delivers it at various depths, depending on what we are treating.

With HIFU we don’t just target the superficial exterior of the skin but rather the much deeper superficial muscle.

Using precise ultrasound technology, HIFU can treat depths of  3mm & 4.5mm  for the face or 6mm, 8mm, 13mm or 16mm for body treatments.


And it does this without damaging or disrupting the epidermal tissue of skin. The energy created by HIFU stimulates new collagen to reproduce, which rejuvenates the skin, leading to more youthful and bright skin, or to sharpen contouring. It is especially suitable for treating sagging skin with reasonable thickness and fatty tissue.

There is a whole science behind this amazing technology and it has been tried and tested on thousands of Australian clients with great success.  We would be happy to show you what is possible with HIFU and offer a complimentary information session and consultation.

There are a lot of machines on the market right now and the result vary greatly depending on the technology. We use only the most advanced technology and we use 10 gear lines per shot where other technology uses only 1 gear line. That results in a huge difference to your results.

HIFU Eyes & Mouth

With the latest edition to our HIFU offerings, we can now treat the under eyes and mouth.

Our HIFU Radar targets the sensitive areas the regular cartridge can't treat.

We can treat:

  • under eye bags and wrinkles

  • crows feet

  • frown lines

  • upper mouth 

  • lower mouth

  • all with NO Downtime.

This treatment can be performed on a regular basis to achieve dramatic results.

HIFU Body Lift

HIFU is the quickest non-invasive treatment to remove stubborn 'hard-to-shift' fat deposits whilst also toning and tightening the skin. It is possible to achieve visible results after just one treatment and whats more, NO downtime.  HIFU offers a real alternative to liposuction or surgery.

What are the benefits?
  • Permanent fat loss

  • Improved skin texture

  • Improved body shape

  • Skin toning and firming

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