What is Endermologie?

The term ‘Endermologie is from the French term, meaning ‘through the dermis’. Endermologie was developed in 1985 by a French engineer, Louis-Paul Guitay. M. Guitay had suffered extensive tissue damage in a car accident and was undergoing four hours of rolling manual massage per day, carried out by four different therapists, in an attempt to loosen and elasticize the scars.

He found that these manual massages were so varied in quality that he designed a machine that would deliver a quality rolling massage, together with aspiration to nourish the area. This technique was used to treat burn scars with great success.

Later the technique was adapted to treat healthy tissue, resulting in reduced cellulite, improved skin tone and body re-contouring.


Use LIPOMASSAGE to eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting.


A 100% natural anti-aging technique that redensify the skin deep down and erasing the signs of aging.

How It Works

LPG® endermologie® is an FDA cleared, patented, and proprietary technique of cellular stimulation through reproducible mechanical massage. It is 100% natural and effective, and targets the connective tissues of the body and face, including skin, muscle, blood and lymphatic circulation. This mechanical massage technique provides a deep tissue mobilization within the Cellu M6® treatment head, with beauty, wellness, rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic medicine applications. LPG® techniques are non-aggressive and non-invasive, with no downtime and no known side effects.

Using LPG® patented treatment heads, our devices are equipped with Independent Motorized Roller (I.M.R.) patented technology for the body, and Motorized Pulsating Flap (M.P.F.) patented technology for the face, along with an aspiration system that embraces a skinfold to gently stimulate the tissues of the body and the face.

LPG® is the pioneer of advanced and patented technologies for the human body and was the first technology worldwide to gain FDA approval for the treatment of Cellulite. For over 30 years, LPG® has been developing non-invasive technologies for both natural beauty as well as advanced therapeutic treatments.


The benefits of LPG® techniques have also been proven by over 140 reputable scientific studies.

LPG® devices have been cleared by the FDA since 1998 and comply with all international quality standards.

LPG technology is for anyone who?
  • Is looking for the missing link between overly gentle and ineffective techniques and risky, invasive, and harsh techniques.

  • Does not always equate beauty with medical procedures.

  • Feels that it’s too early or too late to consider more aggressive techniques.

  • Wants to naturally boost their potential for slimming and looking younger with long lasting effect.

  • Believes that taking care of yourself involves wellness and relaxation.

  • Understands that, like muscles, skin needs exercise, a balanced diet, and tailored cosmetics.

  • Understands that intensive sports and low-calorie diets are not enough to get rid of stubborn fat and unsightly dimpling.

  • Wants to rediscover the face they love, not some fixed-expression recreated face.

  • Lives in their time and wants high-tech treatments along with healthy, natural, and responsible beauty.

Cellulite treatments before and after

Simply select LPG Endermologie body treatment on our online booking portal.

Proven Results

Endermologie® is a multi-session treatment with typical sessions lasting 15-35 minutes. The average patient will see improving results with the additional treatments. Once the initial results are achieved, additional optimization sessions can be used to maintain and improve upon the initial results.

Extensive research has shown that body endermologie® helps to tone and improve the skin’s radiance, while reducing the appearance of cellulite.


Endermologie® is backed by more than 140 studies. As a leader in the field, LPG® is the first device ever cleared by the FDA for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.


These studies have proven the following:

Results from the latest body technology scientific study :

  • 70% increase in fat release (lipolysis)

  • 240% increase in collagen production activation (skin re-densification)


Results from the latest face technology scientific study :

  • 80% increase in natural hyaluronic acid synthesis

  • 46% increase in natural elastin synthesis

  • 23% increase in firmness


1 LAFONTAN M.: Evaluation of the effects of LPG Technique on lipolysis and gene expression using respectively microdialysis and DNA microarray technologies. Clinical Investigation Center, Toulouse Hospital, France. Research Report 2009.

2 One-of-a-kind scientific study involving facial biopsies performed on 20 subjects by the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besançon (France) under the supervision of Prof. Humbert, 2013.

Evidence Based Science


As a world leader in cellular stimulation with its technologies for health, beauty and well-being, LPG® is now improving lives in 110 countries throughout the world. Thousands of women around the world are treated with this innovative technology.

LPG®‘s International Scientific Committee of Research (CoSIRe) is made up of renowned experts from the health, beauty, and well-being industries.

To date, 130 studies have been carried out by researchers and professional experts on such diverse topics as: the usefulness of endermologie® both before and after surgical or medical procedures, an evaluation of its effects on gluteo-femoral lipolysis, and fibroblast activity, among others.


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