Skin Remodelling


Stretch marks concern 80% of women and 20% of men.

Le Modeling Blooméa® is a three step skin care protocol, specifically designed by French esthetic surgeons.

On the body, the Blooméa® treatment progressively erases stretch marks, which is a real revolution in the aesthetic world. The appearance of most scars will be visibly improved with the Blooméa® treatment.


When applied to the hands, the Blooméa® treatment smooths and tones the skin and unifies its complexion. It rejuvenates the back of the hand.

Used on the neck and necklines area, the Blooméa® treatment refines the skin texture and reduces furrows.

Applied to the face, the Blooméa® treatment reduces acne scars and other types of scars, lightens sun marks (due to pregnancies or contraceptive pills) and refines the skin texture. It also tightens pores, tones, tightens and softens the skin, as well as reduces wrinkles.

As an occasional skin treatment to keep the skin blemish-free with a smoother, more even skin tone, the Blooméa® Coup d’éclat (radiance treatment) is much more effective than conventional beauty procedures.


Blooméa® is regularly used prior to other facial treatments to purify the skin, giving optimal results that go far beyond a conventional manual scrub. An application of the Blooméa® Macro-exfoliation exfoliates the skin in depth and leaves the surface of the skin smooth and clear. Following the exfoliation, the high frequency Microvibrations massage stimulates the epidermis.

Originally, it was while working on a method to fade post-operative scars that esthetic surgeons, more than 10 years ago, developed the first efficient, safe and painless Macro-exfoliation oscillations device (non-medical) that could be used at their office.

Several years of extensive research and improvements led to the first innovative concept which is a revolution in skin care treatments: the Optimal Blooméa® Macro-exfoliation.


Blooméa® smooths the skin and unifies its complexion to obtain an even and harmonious skin.

To complete the treatment, the developers added a second innovation, the Blooméa® high frequency Microvibrations massage, which tightens and tones the skin while stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the dermis.

These two new procedures were then further enhanced by radiating care: Light therapy (633 nm).

And that is how the three steps skin care called LE MODELING BLOOMÉA® came about

Following on from such positive results, the treatment was extended to STRETCH MARKS, which are very similar to scars in their construction: on average 80 to 90 per cent of people were satisfied with the results on stretch marks. This process was an important innovation in the aesthetic world.

Encouraged by these results, they then applied the treatment progressively to many other skin problems such as scars (acne and others), sun marks resulting from pregnancies or contraceptive pills, neckline furrows, the back of the hands, etc.

Since the procedure proved so effective in improving these noticeable skin problems, it had to be even more effective for minor imperfections. The procedure was thus naturally extended to regular beauty treatments aimed at maintaining and refining the skin texture, tightening pores, reducing wrinkles and enhancing the complexion.

After more than 10 years of optimization and conclusive results – 94% satisfaction* with the different Blooméa® treatments – this innovative treatment, up to now reserved for the clientele of cosmetic surgeries, has been developed specifically with beauty centers in mind and is now available to beauticians and other skin care therapists.

Qualified as a “skin care treatment revolution”, Le Modeling Blooméa® was awarded the Paris 2015 Innovation Prize at the “Congrès International d’Esthétique Appliquée”.

Stretch Marks Treatment


Progressively fade stretch marks


Buttocks, breasts, belly, hips, thighs  


On average, 10 sessions at one to two week intervals (8 to 12 sessions depending on the stretch marks type and skin quality)


1 session every 4 to 8 months depending on skin type

Perfecteur Treatment


To smooth, tighten and tone up the skin.



Face, hands, neck, neckline and scars.



On average, 8 sessions at one to two week intervals (6 to 10 sessions depending on the type of problem and skin quality)


1 session every 2 to 3 months depending on skin type

Coup D'eclat Treatment


A clearer, brighter and smoother skin.





One session every month or two to regularly regenerate the skin, or whenever needed for a special occasion : The Blooméa® coup d’éclat (radiance treatment) is a much more effective facial than conventional beauty center procedures to keep a clearer, smoother and more even skin tone. This treatment ensures optimal cream penetration as well as providing a perfect base for longer lasting makeup.

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