• More than 110 scientific studies

  • LPG always backs up its claims with scientific proof

  • Nearly 30 years of research

  • Patented techniques

  • An International Scientific Research Committee (www.cosire-lpg.com)

  • Continuous improvement of technique

Scientific world first*

  • Various studies carried out to date on LPG facial techniques have shown several types of tissue changes, particularly in terms of skin firmness and facial contours. ENDERMOLIFT is the first and only technique in the world which has been scientifically proven to increase natural hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80%.

  • Hyaluronic acid +80%

  • Natural elastin +46%

  • Radiance +98%

  • Smoothed wrinkles +21%

  • Firmness +23%

  • Breakdown of collagen prevented; synthesis of new, quality collagen

ENDERMOLIFT is the first and only technique in the world which has been scientifically proven to increase natural endogenous hyaluronic acid production.
[1] Works at different depths of the skin thanks to sequential suction. [2] Targeted cellular stimulation thanks to variable LIFT pulse speeds.

Scientifically proven effectiveness*

  • New proven effectiveness:

  • 2x more firmness

  • 3x more puffiness and nasolabial effectiveness

  • 4x more firmness, radiance and wrinkle reduction

Endermolift™** slows down the aging process...
  • Action demonstrated for the first time!

  • ERGOLIFT slows down the aging process!

** with the new 2013 ERGOLIFT treatment head (new LPG patent).

Prof. Philippe Humbert, head of Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besançon, France and Director of the Skin Study and Research Center, tells us more about the 2013 Humbert study, which has proven that mechanical stimulation helps the skin produce hyaluronic acid¹ (with the new, motorized ERGOLIFT treatment head).

This study is based on an analysis of biopsies² from 20 subjects who were treated on half of their face.

* Source: 2013 Humbert study carried out on 20 women and 10 men from 35 to 50 years old. Effectiveness compared to LPG's previous LIFT technology.
(1) Interview with Professor Humbert, author of the study. (2) Skin biopsy: skin sample taken using a needle or trocar, then examined under a microscope

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