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Skin Consultation

A detailed consultation with your skin expert, including a scientific skin analysis which allows us to see the lower layers of your skin so that we can treat the root of your concern with long term results.


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Skin Needling

Reduces Scarring, Pores, Fine Lines, and Pigment

Skin Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy and Micro-Needling), is one of our most popular treatments for good reason!

This treatment produces amazing results with minimal to no discomfort and downtime. Our device is medal grade and TGA approved.

Skin needling creates micro-channels under the skin which create a influx of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping your skin healthy, smooth and fresh.


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Reduces Scarring, Pores, Fine Lines, and Pigment

Very similar to skin needling, the main difference between the two treatments is the device.

While Skin Needling uses a pen-like device with 12 vertical tips that retract and stamp across the skin, NanoFusion uses a pen with microscopic, medical grade silicon pyramid shaped tips that vibrate at a high frequency.

This means that NanoFusion is more tolerable than Skin Needling, especially on the more sensitive areas of the face.

This treatment can be combined with Lira Clinical Peels to produce incredible results!

$299 Full Face

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Lira Clinical Peel

Control Acne, Pigmentation, and Every Other Skin Concern!

We have a Lira Clinical Peel for every skin concern. Leaders in scientifically backed chemical peels, These chemical peels boast incredible results.

Each peel is different, and as such there is different preparation and after-care for each peel. This will be discussed with your skin expert prior to treatment.

Due to the advanced nature of these treatments, a prior consultation is required.

from $99

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Elaine Brennen Peel

Significantly Reduce Pigmentation

The Elaine Brennen Skin Renewal Peel is one of the best (if not the best) treatments for those suffering with pigmentation.

This peel works to target the very root of the pigment, from the bottom of your skin to the top. This is what makes it stand apart from the majority of other pigment targeted peels on the market. This means that your results are long term, as the cause of the pigment is essentially eradicated, so there won't be any surprises down the track.

This is a very advanced peel with crucial preparation and after-care. A consultation with our founder is required prior to booking this treatment, which will include specific pre and post instructions.


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