Let us take you on a sensory journey to turn your skin cells on again and bring the life and lustre back to your skin at the cellular level! We will have you glowing with life, youth and vitality after each treatment!

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Younger Looking Skin

Our LED Light Facials use the latest, 4th generation of light therapy. We can now select different light colours for individual facial zones, customising the treatment to target multiple issues, all in one 20 minute session. This is a perfect finisher to any of our other treatments, and a great standalone treatment!

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What are the Benefits?

Our Professional Salon LED mask offers the most diverse solution to skin imperfections! New infra-red skin boosting technology can be used with any of our 7 visible light wavelength combinations for an even deeper facial rejuvenation experience. The infra-red promotes new cell growth and increased collagen production.

LED light therapy is medically recognised, clinically proven and offers a therapeutic light treatment that is safe, non-invasive and
chemical free. Our LED mask has been shown to be widely effective in clearing up acne, reducing wrinkles, even skin tones, reducing redness, revitalization, soothing, combat dull and dry skin and boosting the skin for that healthy glow!

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Why Auduro LED Mask?

Serum Infused Vial PLUS Collagen LED Facial $178
Take your Collagen Infused LED facials to the next level by infusing our Vitamin rich Collagen Mask Serum deeper into the epidermal layer of your skin to complement your existing Collagen Infused LED facials! By using the Serum from your Hydrogel Collagen Masks, together with your Serum Infuser, you are able to deliver a luxurious, nourishing, hydrating base for your LED facials.

Using 64 Titanium micro-needles, our 0.25mm Serum Infuser is designed to create up to 30,000 micro channels in the upper layer of your epidermis for deeper product absorption and optimal nutrient delivery to your skin, achieving next level hydration, wrinkle reduction, improved texture, skin rejuvenation and whitening.

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Why Auduro LED Mask?


Stimulates cellular rejuvenation for anti-ageing, healing and glowing skin


Helps revitalise and improve skin condition. Both anti-ageing and anti-redness benefits


Reduces redness, this light is great for rosacea, sun burns and eczema


A calming light the helps with hyperpigmentation and evening complexion


For acne busting!

The blue light helps to kill bacteria in acne-prone skin


Acts as an inflammatory, treating swollen and inflamed skin


For a skin boost to rejuvenate and renew. Perfect for combination skin


For promoting new cell growth and increasing collagen production


For Teeth whitening!

With this technology we are able to work on your skin while also giving you whiter teeth!

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Start Your Journey To

Younger Looking Skin

Book in today and start working towards your dream skin! Dont forget that while the LED mask is working on your skin, you can be getting 6-14 shades whiter teeth at the same time!

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