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Treat signs of aging.

All LPG skincare contain a unique complex of active ingredients, developed specifically to stimulate the natural cellular activity of anti-aging functions.

  • Collagen synthesis, for a firmer skin

  • Elastin synthesis, for a more supple skin

  • Hyaluronic acid, for a replenished and smoother skin

Because each face is unique, the experts at LPG have developed a new line of skincare products tailored to the three main aging types, sagging, hollowing and thickening. 

Optimise the anti-aging efficiency of endermologie® professional treatments

Skin expert for 30 years, LPG Systems laboratories have developed a cutting-edge and personalized cosmetic solution:

  • High-tech formulas

  • Maximized concentration of active ingredients

  • No parabens and no phenoxyethanol


The endermologie® cosmetics face care product line offers an anti-aging regimen based on the three main types of skin aging and face morphotype identified by LPG experts: sagging, hollowing and thickening.

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