Cellular Regeneration


Skin expert for 30 years, LPG presents its new excellence treatment - the first intra and extra-cellular treatment. The cutaneous ecosystem, is a key factor for a healthy skin.

The latest scientific discoveries in relation to fibroblasts (youth cells) stimulation effects by the recent Endermologie MPF (Motorised Pulsating Flaps) patent have shown an extraordinary natural reactivation of the synthesis of essential substances to youth:

  • collagen for firmness

  • elastin for suppleness

  • hyaluronic acid for volume and hydration.

These unprecedented results encouraged the LPG expert committee to further investigate the potential benefits of Endermologie on the fibroblast’s environment.


As an athlete will see their performances grow in a healthy environment and with a balanced diet, the fibroblast will be more productive in a nutritive-rich and well-oxygenated extra-cellular matrix.


The new Endermologie Cellular Regeneration treatment proposes an ecological approach to anti-ageing by interacting simultaneously on the fibroblast (skin youth architect) and on its environment.


  1. Detoxify the cellular environment
    Purified and oxygenated, the treatment leaves the skin velvety, the complexion is clarified and regains its natural glow.


  2. Wake up the youth cells
    Awakened, the skin regains its firmness, elasticity and volume.  After one session, wrinkles are smoothed.


  3. Boost the skin’s ecosystem
    Better vascularized, the skin tissue perfectly assimilates the nutrients specially selected to boost its activity. Finally the application of the new Anti-aging Renewal Serum stimulates the fibroblast through targeted nutrition. Visible results are shown in one session only.


The skin is twice as radiant, wrinkles are smoothed by 34 per cent around the forehead lines, 27 per cent around the frown line, 29 per cent around neck wrinkles.


The skin of the face and neck is toned by 97 per cent, plus hands are softer by 72 per cent.*


*Pr. Humbert, CHU Besançon – Dermatologist’s clinical quotation and self-questionnaire on 10 treated subjects after only one Endermologie Cellular Regeneration treatment.

Individual Cellular Regeneration Treatment

Cellular regeneration treatments are best performed in multiple sessions for best results. If you wish to purchase one treatment only please be aware your results will not be as profound.

Package of 6 treatments

Purchase a package of 6 treatments for great results. These treatments are valid for 6 months from time of purchase. It is recommended to perform one treatment per week for 6 weeks.

Package of 10 treatments

For the ultimate result, we recommend a series of 10 treatments. These treatments are valid for 6 months from time of purchase. It is recommended to perform two treatments per week for 5 weeks.

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Endermolift Pricing

Single session


Package of 6


20% discount if pre-paid $1392

$348 saving

Package of 10


20% discount if pre-paid $2175

$725 saving

Ask about interest free payment plans on our 6 or 12 session packages

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