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Bloomea® gives the opportunity to perform unparalleled skin resurfacing procedures, including the eye area (the ability to work on the upper and lower eyelids). Bloomea® was used by French plastic surgeons for 10 years mainly in post-operative procedures to speed up the treatment of scars and stretch marks. With time, based on histological studies of the 5 layers of the epidermis, the unique technology of TRIO M.M.L was discovered in cosmetic procedures such as anti-ageing treatments, firming treatments, depigmentation treatments, wrinkle removal, stretch marks, acne furrows and others.

One Session $169  |  Package of 10 $1599
Package includes home care collagen cream to be used during the series. (Valued at $197)
A series of treatments is recommended for skin changing results.

Skin Remodeling

Modeling the skin with the Bloomea® device is a treatment based on three basic activities hidden under the abbreviation TRIO M.M.L.


At the beginning of each treatment, an exfoliating tip is applied to the device.  Each and every client is provided with a new tip, ensuring the highest of hygiene.


Using various techniques, diversified seeding and direct operation of the oscillating head in the first stage of the procedure, we perform Macroexfoliation on several levels. Starting from a delicate peeling and ending with deeper resurfacing.


The skin is now beautifully prepared for the next step to receive a serum rich in active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen). Our Bloomea cocktail.

After the first introductory phase, we take off the exfoliating tip and install a tip, which aims to introduce as much nutrients inside the tissue as possible.


Apply a few drops of a creamy Blooméa® cocktail rich in elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid onto the skin. At this point, the innovation of the second phase begins. Depending on the chosen procedure, we want to introduce the head into high frequency oscillatory oscillations, which gently stimulates the skin to work allowing the tubules to be opened and subsequently, using infrared (633 nm), introduce the active cocktail even to the level of the dermis.


At the same time, the device emits a laser beam penetrating to the level of collagen, starting the third phase of the LUMINOTHERAPY procedure. The neocololagenesis process begins.

Simultaneous interaction of light in the near infrared (633 nm) makes it possible to complete the therapy with the TRIO M.L.L technology. Proven effectiveness of penetration of this wavelength and excellent affinity for the collagen layer allows for dynamic acceleration of the collagen chain rebuilding processes and simultaneous multiplication of elastin and fibroblasts.


The treatment is completely painless. We may also recommend the inclusion of a biocellulose mask rich in hyaluronic acid, aloe and elastin at the end.


During each treatment series, it is recommended to use the Bloomea cream based on hyaluronic acid throughout the entire life cycle.


Accelerate your results



crow's feet *


smoothed eye *


anti wrinkle*
Just look at what is possible with Bloomea 
Bloomea Before After Face

Bloomea Eyes Face Results

Bloomea Photo Book 10

Bloomea Male Forehad

Bloomea Photo Book 9

Bloomea Neck & Dec 2

Bloomea Photo Book 7

Bloomea Forehead

Bloomea Photo Book 8

Bloomea Forehead 2

Bloomea Photo Book 6

Bloomea Face After 6

Bloomea Photo Book 5

Bloomea Face Results

Bloomea Photo Book 3

Bloomea Eyes Before After

Bloomea Photo Book 4

Bloomea Eyes Before & After

bloomea Photo Book 2

Bloomea Neck

Bloomea Stretch Marks

Bloomea Photo Book 1

Bloomea 2 Sessions

Bloomea Before After Tummy

Bloomea Before After Face 2

Bloomea Before After Neck

Bloomea Photo Book 10

Bloomea 4 Sessions

Bloomea Photo Book 17

Bloomea Rachael Before After

Bloomea Photo Book 13

Bloomea Photo Book 12

Bloomea Before & After Acne

Bloomea Photo Book 15

Bloomea Photo Book 14

But that's not all!

  • Reduction of wrinkles 

  • Discoloration Improvement of skin tension

  • Reduction of scars and stretch marks

  • Very strong hydration and oxygenation of the skin

Treatment Areas






Do you want to accelerate your results?

Our in-clinic Bloomea sessions work to achieve incredible skin changing results.  Using the recommended products at home during this period with increased the efficiency of the results.  These products have been specifically designed to work in collaboration with the Bloomea in-clinic device to promote the most amazing skin results.

Bloomea Anti-Aging Sea Complex Serum is ultra-concentrated and has a quick effect on wrinkles even on deeper ones. 

It has a multi-active function:

  • Immediate skin tissue protection and restorative

  • It optimizes the results of Bloomea face cream and treatments

  • Its texture is fluid and ultra-penetrating

Sea complex (red and blue algae)  - Skin repair, elastin synthesis activation, skin natural protection stimulation 

Myrtle Extract - Rejuvenation virtues, longevity protein stimulation (sirtuins), collagen cells protection

Peptides - Regenerating, collagen synthesis stimulation 

Phytosqualane - Hydration

Vitamin E - Anti-oxyde


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